An image of a human brain with atomic powers.

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Functional Health Minute now offers weekly functional neurology articles — Functional Neurology Minute!

Patient-friendly material about functional neurology is in short supply. Functional Neurology Minute (FNM) collaborates with practitioners to deliver reliable, readable, and easy-to-share functional neurology content into mainstream consciousness.

FNM articles follow the model taught in Functional Neurology Seminars. That means topics include metabolic influences on the brain and vice versa.

Examples of functional neurology blog articles (copyrighted and available to paid subscribers only).

A Functional Neurology Minute subscription includes:

  • A freshly written functional neurology article, posted automatically to your WordPress blog each week (sorry, no Weebly, Squarespace, or custom sites)
  • The blog article as a Word document, ready to copy and paste into your weekly email newsletter
  • The blog article formatted as two-column handout with a color photo to display in your office or give to patients.

FNM only works on standard blog platforms, such as WordPress, Blogger, etc. I’m sorry, but we cannot post to prepackaged, preloaded industry sites,  Weebly, or Squarespace. Contact me for more details.

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Functional Neurology blog article features

FNM educates your patients about functional neurology, explains important concepts, and stays on top of health news. FNM articles are written for the functional neurology patient. This means complex topics are broken down so articles  are easy to read and understand. Features include:

  • 500–700 words of professionally written, unique content for the functional neurology/medicine practice
  • Relevant keywords to increase online visibility
  • Includes links to informational sites and studies

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$159 a month for functional neurology + functional medicine articles

Do you practice both functional neurology and functional medicine? Sign up for both services FHM and FNM and save. For a limited time only you can subscribe to both for $159 (normally $189).

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Custom blog creation — price varies

FNM will create and host your WordPress blog for you, the price depends on what you want but we keep it affordable and make sure your site stays secure. To see samples of work for our past clients, click here.